R.I.P accessories….

RIP Lost stuff

This year touring with the Qemists has took me all over the place, we’ve played and partied quite hard, in so many cities & clubs it was inevitable that some of my possesions were gonna go walkabouts. This is just a small dedication to some of my favourite pieces no longer with us, well no longer with me some lucky f**kers found them…hope their being nice to my babies!

From top left , clockwise -

Stereo Panda Shades – its was brief but you were the only pair of rayban style glasses that suited me. You taught me not to gloat and was  shown  so much love by so many on your few outings but no way near as much as me though! Ill replace you but it will never be the same.

Machine Gun earring – wow were together so long and had so many near loss experiences i still can’t believe your gone, i miss you most!

Wooden Bracelet from OZ – You were so big and clashed with most of my long sleeved clothes but you reminded me of that sunny day in Melbourne and i loved you, even though i got drunk and lost you, you meant so much to me!

+160 Pendant – To have had you next to my heart for 8 months, pullin on my belly button ring, getting caught in my hair… it was almost like you were part of me. Now that part of me has gone, adieu mon amis. (Dam that is deep!!)

Also dedications must go out to my Bape Star earring, Swatch ring clasp, white Urban Nerd tee and white german pumps that i also lost but don’t have any pictures of, gosh i feel so careless :(

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