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Ok no disrespect to Middlesbrough but i did not expect to find a shop this cool here…in fact there are two Triads in the town centre these props are for the shop closet to the town hall. On first glance its a bit preppy and very man wear heavy, alternative major money labels like Lyle & Scott, Stone Island, Stussy, Levis etc.

Triads - Middlesbrough

The decor is totally white a bit like a show home, with some cool branded furnishings here and there (my fav the Levis jeans sofa)…its very clean kinda puts you off wanting to touch anything but then i suppose at these prices the less handled the better. It does stocks some very cool brands, some that aren’t even available outside of London. Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, Alife, …in Middlesbrough?!?! Did i miss something? Clearly not as on arrival to Triads i immediately fall in love with an Anderson woven belt and a pair of Ice Cream red Waffle Print baseball flats in my size dripping with butter. I kick myself for not buying the matching backpack when in Japan….

Triads BBC Ice Cream Waffle Print Low Tops

The sales assistant that served me and my shopping partner in crime was a little young and didn’t have much to say about the product or brand when props4shops grilled him over stock, he was polite and attentive but could have been working in JD Sports for all he knew. On the plus side the inattentive sales method left us to browse the shop at our leisure and even though the ladies wear in this branch was a little sparse (visit Triads 2, Linthorpe Rd), i would return to visit their fabulous sale section upstairs which had an array of BBC hoodies at Japanese prices aka dirt cheap!Triads 2 - Linthorpe rd, Middlesbrough

Triads - BBC Backpack...BUY ME THIS!Labels i loved in store FOLK, Ice Cream (of course!) and Andersons, the item i wanted the most but was no way gonna pay the reasonable but totally out of my price range £700 + for was the gold leather Billionaire Boys Club Dollars & Diamonds Rucksack. Please take pity someone and BUY ME THIS i need it more than air…*gasp*

On checkout the banter was a lot more style conscious as we were talking to the manager over a display desk of tempting designer accessories,  he completed the very friendly bagging and tagging with the latetest issue of Vice in each of our bags and an invitation to check out the online store. All in all a definate thumbs up for both shopping experiences, they have a massive range of stock online with details of each brand they stock so your not buying blind…which is one of my pet hates…don’t wear a label if you know nothing about it else what are you representing?

Spent a good half hour or more int his shop and could have spent more had we visited Triads II down the road, but that will have to wait til next time….

Triads 54-56 Albert Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 1QD +44 (0)1642 254124

Triads II 182 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3RF +44 (0)1642 249989

Triads -FOLK Brand Sewater...swoon

2 Responses to “props4shops – Triads, Middlesbrough”

  1. Thank you for the good review.
    We apologise for your experience with the sales assistant who you believed to be young and inexperienced as far as their knowledge of our stock.
    We suspect that this may have been a shool pupil on work experience as we believe in the investor in people campaign and often have school children here for a week.

    Anyway, thank you for the kind words,
    Regards Garry.

  2. Jenna G says:

    Thanks for checking it out Garry im still in love with my Ice Cream kicks and cheers for explaining about the school pupil disguised as sales assistant!
    Maybe to up their knowledge of stocked products their time would be better spent in the stock room before hitting shop floor? Anyhoo granny sucking eggs and all that, see you next time im in Middlesbrough :)

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