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Jell-O x Frank Kozik

The window display caught my eye Frank Kozik Clockwork Orange meets Breakfast at Tiffanys, the only colourful thing immediately present within the iron clad front of this small shop on Gardener St. On closer inspection i found Vivienne Westwood Jelly shoes,  Kidrobot trinkets  Alphabets (tempting on top of a dusty speaker) and an intriguing Beethoven/Clockwork Orange bust and this is what drew me inside… A cheerful hello the minute i entered Jell-o from the owners Julia & Tracey in kitch dresses and Addidas originals set me right at ease, the fact they carried on chatting leaving me to browse this compact but well stocked boutique at my leisure no pressure, was perfect! Fingering classic coloured Westwood dresses, vintage Levi jeans and gazing at the toy cabinet i overhear a young man enquire about the Beethoven bust thats front and centre of the window display, a piece i myself was interested in.

My purchase

The sales assistants knew their art and gave the full run down on Koziks’ A Clockwork BeetHoven homage with an array of other toy/art references, their manner was genuine and very persuasive, it was clear they had a passion about the  items in their shop. I was impressed and crept around the perimeter gazing at more of Koziks art in the small toy cabinet that boasted a great selection of other goodies whilst waiting for the man to finish with the ‘i can’t afford it but gonna enquire like i can’ chat and make my exclusive purchase!

Jell-o Boutique Brighton

I had a good old natter with the ladies whilst being served, found out that the shop has been running for 8 years. Tracey & Jules were tired of trekking to London for their monthly clothing fix, and dreamt of owning their own shop, bringing their favourite fashions closer to home! Its now a destination for stylish Brighton crowd and keeps them surrounded by the thing they love…FASHION!

Jell-o Online shop

Now im not gonna lie the majority of stock in this boutique is not cheap but it is hand picked items by these two fashion fanatics who have very good taste and even if you know nothing about the brands in the shop you can be assured its the best place in Brighton to get your hands on some of the finest ladies and mens clothing, sneakers, accessories and designer toys available nationally and internationally.

The mix of classic couture and uber cool labels are served up with an unusual slab of friendliness. Boutique & designer label shop workers the worldwide could learn a thing or two from this shops lovely warm and friendly service which will keep me poppin in anytime im in Brighton, even if its just for a chat! Im also assured by style gurus The Individuals that the mens section upstairs into which i did not venture is as impressive. Check out it out for your self by popping in if your ever in the ends or by taking advantage of their online store which represents a small selection of the fabulous clothing available in store.

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