I am a force of the past – Zilda


Browsing some of my usual blogs whilst waking up slowly over a cup of coffee. Always seem to hit up Unurth first… its simple visuals of stunning street art from around the world are a great scroll, regular updates make my visits daily and inspire me to take more pictures…seriously my camera game has been weak lately.

Had to shout about the artist Zilda and his project Io Sono Una Forza del Passato which places characters from 50′s & 60′s Italian Cinema around the city of Rome. The name of the project ‘I am a force of the past’ along with these dope visuals really got my attention, have been checking out alot of his work online since. Got to shout out Unurth and in turn Romephotoblog for putting me onto Zilda.

For more pictures and info from this project check here, to find out more about the artist he’s on Flickr.

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