Dour Festival 2009

Dour - Wristband

Dour - TC

Wow, it was one of The Qemists best gigs, the sun was blazing all day long, drinks were free and flowing fast, the crowd was in full attendance loud and ready to party. Even the fact that someone knicked my brand new Stereo Panda shades, i lost my arty OZ bracelet and the last person to break my heart was in close and personal attendance couldn’t spoil such an epic event!

Dour - Qemist crowd

Dour - Sol

Though i did wake up the next day in the UK feeling slightly embarrassed for tonguing a random but very fit and talented stranger in front of people i maybe shouldn’t of, i would do it all over again in a heart beat, lol!

Dour - Liam soundcheck

Dour - Rockstar

dour - bruno

Thanks to Qemists lads for keeping me smiling, especially Leon for bringing the whole masseuse team backstage, Dour massive for looking after us so well, my lil bro Harry for sneaking in and blagging a pass, all the DnB fam and of course the crowd for a heavy night dans La Petite Maison!

Dour - Harry

Dour - Last Bo of the night

(more snaps on facebookflickr)

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