D.R.S – Grown Man Biznizz

Grown Man Biznizz

This CD has not been out my car for the past week ITS MASSIVE! Broke n ¬£nglish representa and one of my favourite dnb MC’s D.R.S tells it like only he can on his solo mixtape Grown Man Biznizz. Its out this September which will seem like ages away once you’ve had a listen to the sampler from the broke n english blog, but it will be well worth it! Some massive tunes, as always the lyrical content and flow is fire, i would not expect any less from me old mucka! Favs are the album title track,¬† Put it off (til tomorrow) and then everything else! Jokes lines ‘Should of stopped at the Jagemeister‘ nay never my man, DRS ya LARGE! People check this and mark September on your calender for some Grown Man music!

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