The Qemists Live @ Glastonbury 2009

Twas mad fun indeed, didnt manage to get any of the live stuff on film as all my batteries died quite early on… :( Spent most of the weekend with muddy feet and a smiley face, literally bumping into loads of people i knew and having a good ol knees up on various stages and in massive crowds!

Thanks to everyone that came checked out the Qemist shows at Pussy Palure, Trash City & West Dance and to everyone else that made the festival my best so far!

Packed way too much stuff clothes and food wise..a lesson learned for next year indeed. I must apologise to mother nature for leaving two big piles of it in her back yard, had to pack up all by my lonesome and i physically couldnt muster another trip back to the camp site from my car, it was SO FAR! more Glasto posts on the way :)

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