Talking Twitter = Audio Boo

audio boo

Got an Iphone, addicted to Twitter but getting bored of typing, then this little app is definately for you, still in its early stages but with bags of potential. AudioBoo allows you to record up to 3 mins of audio into your IPhone which then is published on line for the world to listen to! Link with your Twitter account, facebook etc and it updates as an when you put AudioBoo’s up on line to listen to. You can add tags, a photograph, even a google map to where the Boo was recorded to generate a page on your AudioBoo profile! Even better you can embed specific AudioBoos on your websites, blogs etc or have people subscribe to your daily postings through Itunes as a mini podcast!

Still trying to hone my skills of making recordings in clubs and at live venues that you can actually hear and also create content actually worth Boo’ing but am having lots of fun finding out what works and what doesn’t in the meantime. You can like any social networking site follow other Boo’ers, Stephen Fry is repping on here as he is all over the net, love his QI Boo’s! Check out my AudioBoo’s so far, too much jokes drunk in Brighton after Shapeshifter gig, i sound wasted lmao! Hopefully i’ll be hearing some of your Boo’s very soon :)

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