OMG What a bloody shambles!

Suppose to play in Manchester yesterday @ Oh My God (such an apt name) with The Qemists our first show in my home town! Was soooo excited for the lads to experience the local crowd meet all my friends and rock the fook out with fellow Mancunian dnb/metal rockers The Daywalkers, especially in the plush surroundings of Opus at The Printworks. However due to ill organization and lack of experience it didn’t happen :(

In fact not one of the four bands booked to play at last night’s event could play thanks to there being next to no technical set up for one live band let alone four! It was a total shambles and as sorry as i feel for the promoters, i feel even more sorry for the bands that hyped this event, lugged all their equipment through the back stage maze of the Printworks into a salsa lesson, only to have to wheel it all back down, load up and drive home an hour or so later. More than that i feel sorry for the ravers that paid their good money to get into a night that only 30% of the headline acts actually played at…

Hopefully the cheap drinks and local talent kept spirits high and a good night was had by all who attended.
For anyone else thinking of putting on an event with a line-up such as last Tuesday’s in a club that isn’t set up for live music i though it might be helpful to run through this quick checklist of things you need access to before picking up the phone and booking a live band…

1 – The basic understanding that booking a live band is not the same as booking a DJ or PA.
2 – A tech-rider which any touring act will have which lists the bare minimum of equipment YOU need to provide in order for the artist to be able to perform.
3 – A basic grip on reality e.g. ‘Can you really fit Madonnas staging into the local town hall?’

You’ll be surprised how easy it can be… Good luck for next time fellas ;)

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