Tour Diary Day 8 – Bochum

Zeche, Bochum

Backstage in Bochum

Oww my ankle i cant walk!

Ow ow ow ow, its the morning after a very rowdy night before. We had a great gig in Bochum, even if i was in the worst of moods by the end of it, however a good old knees up ( ankles down) with The Qemists and Enter Shikari soon changed the mood….

The club was rammed out for our set nearly as much as the headliners! Was a weird old place though cause after the metal/techno sounds of gig they turned the club into a Ladies Night…. Now i don’t remember much from that point on apart from Tim burning my Macbook, Rau & Chris dancing in their dressing room to In Love, me drinking a hell of a lot of rum, starting a fight with some girl who was giving dirty looks to Leon and then moshing to Kid Cudi with both the bands in full swing. No one else can remember me falling or going over on my ankes however i had to be carried from the club and to my room back at the hotel…i vaguely remember crawling down the corridor after lying on Tims bed and making him give me foot massage, which probably didnt help at all! Its not bruised, theres red around the heel bit, its very swollen and i can’t walk on it without it killing me! Am i exaggerating the pain, i have just woken up…? Ok i’ll take some aspirin, stop feeling sorry for myself and see how it feels when we get to where ever we’re going next :(

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