Tour Diary – Day 7, Bochum

Leon in Second SonIts a beautiful day here in Bochum, we’ve all just arrived at the club  Zeche after a lovely morning buying crap in the small city centre of Bochum, big up to the first Starbucks of the tour, bliss!

Im sat back stage whilst Enter are sound-checking my favourite song Juggernaut, i keep waking up singing this bitch seriously the choon is the shizzle! Has also been first day with the Shikari crew after our riot bonding sesh in Brussels, has been some jokes this afternoon i tell thee.Anyways here goes tour diary day 7, which by the way was another day off here in the bountiful Bochum!

After an amazing day n night in Brussels (where im sure the ankle first began to hurt) we headed on over the border to Bochum, which we all thought was in Poland but is actually in Germany, go figure genius’s! On route we watched Chopper as we finally had the dvd player working, all it took was a little slap and a poke from Timmy two dinners, he the man!

So Bochum….is interesting, our first experience of a Formula One hotel aka swingers town! This hotel was my worst nightmare for real, bunk beds, communal toilets (VD’S) and showers (verruca’s), with red and green lights over head…like that was suppose to be cute, in my first 30 mins in the hotel i seen 4 men roaming the corridor in their undies, very tight white undies and they weren’t even fit!! Before you say anything no i have never stayed in a youth hostel…the word hostel and me just dont agree! First night in the city was a night off, we spent it in the centre (fun ehem!) had some dinner which took an hour or so to serve…no tip there..then we walked the strip from top to bottom, i bought a little bottle of  Jagermeister for 3 euros and 5mins later we got in the van and headed back to Swingers ville to watch a movie in the back of the van in the hotel parking lot, rock n roll baby! Definately a DVD recommendation for all those that like their Vampires, special effects and Russian accents which im quite partial to, check out Nightwatch! All but 3 of us got to the end of the film lol, Dan hasn’t managed to stay awake for a whole film the entire tour…lets see if he can see at least one before we head home, lol.Tired and ready for some shut eye i closed the keypad door to my room and drifted off to sleep horny as hell and unable to finger bang thanks to the old couple doing it really loudly in the room next door….ewww can someone just put on Kenny G and rub cotton wool on my teeth please!

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