Tour Diary Day 5 – Paris, Lille & Brussels

The Lille Balloon

Bruno, Leon & the balloon

We’ve finally made it to a hotel, thank the lord! What a day indeed, we’ve been all over the show in France on what was suppose to be a day off at a heavy metal festival in Lille. However fate didnt have it that way instead we are in Belguim a day early, shacked up at an Etap hotel near an airport after ooo maybe 5 hours or more driving in the van with a dvd player THAT DOESN’T WORK! (Nice one Tiger Tours).

On the bright side we found some cheap and tasty rum in a village on the outskirts of Paris, took pictures with a hot air balloon whilst briefly in Lille and had the best chips ever 10 mins from here in a very male dominated town centre. The lads are over the hall playing poker, i sat and watched em for a while, back in my room now about to watch the rest of The Spirit which i started in the van and so far am not impressed with! Its weird but as much as i like having a room to myself i kinda feel im missing out on stuff being the only person not sharing with someone on this tour…. Realistically i need to get used to it, can’t see me getting any groupie love over the next few weeks in my present state of mind. On the bright side (again) that means no puff puff give on the nightcap, sweeeeeet! Nite nite ya’ll :P

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