Tour Diary Day 3 – Amsterdam to Paris

Secret Mushrooms

The Golden M

Buhdussy covers

I feel rinsed and my bed sheets smell of sex, BUDUSSY and non of its mine…ewwww. Im also tipsy and have a bottle of red wine with me from the gig in Dam. Oh Amsterdam how i miss you already, yet strangely soothing now to be so far away….

Still not really over last nights phonecall, im confused as to why the situation is phasing out, did i do something, not do something, wtf happened? I suppose I’ve got alot to take my mind off it over the next 2 weeks but im guessin already its gonna hit hard when i get home. Throwing myself into total gig mode and then getting wasted last night was one way to get it out of my head, laughing so much til i threw up today was another… Ok maybe it was the mushrooms and not the laughing that did it, ha ha, me and Leon decided to partake in some trippy vegtables before getting into the van for the trip to Paris. It was gonna be a long ride we needed some entertainment which began with me wretching into the only avaliable bag until we could pull over, veteran puking from myself i might add, not a drop in the vehicle and no odor for rest of trip. I was gutted though, what a waste of money especially watching Leon space out, he looked mad happy, even more so when stopped in the sun to change the tyre…apparently the inside of the van had turned into an animals ribcage in which we we’re all trapped!

Tim & the tyre

Back on the road after a swift tyre change every body had the giggles, i drifted in and out of sleep greeted always by one of all of the lads snickering over nothing in particular, there was a definate concious high going on i can tell ya!

What you looking at?

Arriving in Paris late and sober, we spent the last part of the evening sat on a street corner near our hotel. I loved it, drinking wine at a table outside a restaurant, smoking and watching the world go by, i felt for moments content…then at others it bothered me how effortlessy gorgeous all the women were and how non of them were alone….. Roll on some work, tomorrows our first gig with Enter Shikari can’t wait…. Ok more wine less type, think’ll ill watch Cry Of Owl to get me to sleep. Peace x

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