Tour Diary Day 2 – Amsterdam

I am Happy!!

What is it with 19-21 year olds chatting me up recently? Do i look that young? Ok maybe in this picture i do, Im not complaining just asking seriously what is up with that?

The Qemists Live @ The Melkwegg

Last night was a dope gig at Melkwegg, not to many people in attendance but they were all rocking by the end for sure, most of them ended up backstage at The Qemists canalside afterparty, thats where i met Sem (19) who told me he would be at every gig The Qemists do in Holland from now on, awww sweet. Twas a very fun evening, in fact the whole day was alot of fun starting at the band themed Backstage Hotel. Once we were checked in and had hauled our cases up the typically narrow dutch staircase to the 4th floor (oh wait that was just me!) Brunos crew met us at our first coffee shop Easytimes where we sat in the back room and got mad high off our first taste of dam weed. Whoever started that mad rumour that you cant smoke with tobacco in coffee shops is a liar, the girl behind the counter laughed at us when we told her!

Anyways comfy in the backroom first up was Blueberry my old friend, then some White Widow, followed by some AK something or other, cut to a very mellow solo stroll to the Dampkring where i purchased a cup-winner Chocoloop, a name sake Grape and the best smoke in the whole wide world…Mexican Haze. By the time the gig rolled around I swear i have never been that high on stage, exactly what i needed too after a rather stale pre-show phone call! It was one of our best gigs ever to be honest, i reckon with out so many people there we all just relaxed a bit more and banged out a heavy set! Once they kicked us out of the backstage we spent an hour or so stumbling round the redlight district…i remember nothing but feeling seedy when catching a plate faced lady of the nights eye…

Zip pa dee yay!

This morning im up bright an early ready to make the most of our final hours in Dam before driving to that is gonna be long, i feel a plan coming on! Ciao x

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