Tour Diary Day 10 – Hamburg

HamburgNot in a good mood today, the ankle is pissing me off and the codeine has worn off severely, have made the decision to drink instead of drug the pain away thanks to yesterdays shenanigans! Slept in the cot for most of journey from Cologne, im thinking until im better its the only comfortable place to be in the van with my leg up!

Quite a mellow evening apart from my twitter apology from Rory for calling me a bitch and the gig in which we changed up the set a little and got another killer reaction from the crowd. Its mad fun playing for Shikari fans their well up for new music the merch is selling and everybody’s happy at the end of the night! I would have liked to go out and explore what this city had to offer but walking isnt the easiest right now and i have to be able to jump around for half an hour every evening onstage which means foot up whenever im off..HamburgCrowd @ Musichalle

I sat outside the back of the venue and watched the trains drive by, took some pictures, read a bit of The Republic, jucied every lemon i could get my hands on backstage and made a right old mess of the beverage table! Like i said mellow apart from my thoughts which are running away with me being stationary is no fun. Im thinking bout being old and having no-one to look after me, being hurt and having no one to ease the pain, being so strong that non of that would get to me.



The Qemists had a little backstage door party before the trip back to another hotel, that lightened the mood a bit for sure. I swear Matthew is killing me everytime he opens his mouth, i need like a pocket version of him with buttons yu press for different sayings…well apart from when he gets drunker than me, lol. Roll on tomorrow and Berlin a city i could fall in love with over and over again, a city with a Queen…The Queen Caner my KL connection Lina, woot woot why didnt i call you earlier girlfriend?!

Oh P.S can i just say now that unmanned hotels are a f**king nightmare at 3am in the morning, especially when your trying to check in with a broken computor terminal!!! I could have absoulutely lost it this evening and killed a machine but i couldnt pick myself up of the floor thanks to the ankle. Instead i chanelled evill thoughts of kids sticking ice creams in the terminals slots and drunk guest spilling beer all over its keypad….dam im drunk and pissed off, hating on a machine like that…time for some water and shut eye!

P.P.S WTF Just went to get a bottle of water from vending machine and its fizzy!! Fizzy water doesn’t quench thirst espcially drunk thirst, its like pouring dusty sand down my throat. Deep breath, ok is it safe to drink the tap water over here….wish me well all, hopefully see you in the morning. Fizzy water could be the death of me!

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