Tour Diary – Brighton to Antwerp

Im soooo excited, couldn’t sleep this morning, but then what was the point. Pick up was at 4am and as soon as the splitter arrived I shot-gunned the back seat cot….well I was the only one who hadn’t slept!!

Woke up in Dover, haven’t been there in ages maybe since I was about 14 that is a while ago ;) Felt weird waiting in a giant car park to board the ferry, such a difference to my usual airport travelling. When we finally got on board it was like a time warp, the furnishings and layout were so old school I was straight back in the 90′s on my way to PGL lmao! Trying to walk n in a straight line once we set sail was impossible and even though it had been 7 hours since my last drink I was all over the place…sea sickness soon kicked in, blegh :(
Uneventful trip from there on really I slept, drank Fanta laced with aspirin, told some german kids to shut up in perfect german, got back on the bus fell asleep in the cot (again) and woke up in Antwerp, ready to rock out and meet my internet fam for the first time!!

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