Tour Diary Day 4 – Paris

The Qemists in Paris!

Outside the venue - Paris

My first frog legs

Enter Shikari @ La Maroquinerie

So last night our first gig with the Shikari boys (seem like lovely chaps) in Paris the city of love…ehem i’ve had my heart broken here and broken someone elses, tis funny how i still refer to it as such! It was one of my favourite cities for quite a long time but our 40 hours here have changed that, sorry Paris.

Ok first off i’ve lost my machine gun earring, whilst going buck wild on stage with The Qemists, WTF!! This thing has fallen out all over the world and i’ve always been able to find it afterwards…however it seems not so in Paris, dam it, please anyone that makes jewellery out of toy guns hit me up im desperate for another! Secondly my sheets in the hotel we stayed in on the upper northside smelt of BUDUSSY….if you don’t know what that is ask @thegiftd on twitter…im sure she’ll be happy to break it down! Finally after a gorgeous dinner with Stealth Management (my first taste of frogs legs!) and the funniest after party (i havent laughed that much in ages!) at the street cafe and the boys hotel room, we woke up in the morning to head out to Lille only to find someone had broken into the van!!

Sacre bleu, you cheeky french theives, luckily they were crack heads and so only smashed the corner window, taking Tim & Matts ipods & itrip out of the glove compartment…bye bye driving music, hello 5 hour detour via police station and then through somewhere no where near Lille to get a plastic replacement window….the best was when we got to Lille, they had given away our hotel rooms! Ha suprise people you have no where to stay…we didn’t need much persuading it was definately time to get the fook out of France, roll on Belguim a whole day earlier and with cheaper hotel rooms!! Yay :)

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