Tour Diary Day 6 – Brussels

The Qemists Live!

Rory @ AB, Brussels

So i don’t know how many of you know who Enter Shikari are but we’re on the support slot of their tour round Europe. Last night was our 2nd gig with them, the crowd was amazing and already i am very much enjoying being backstage surrounded by half naked 23 year olds, as i keep twittering!

Stood side of stage last night at the awesome AB in Brussels, watching the show for the first time and wow they seriously blew me away! Apart from the death metal shouting, which im yet to get, these fellas are sh*t hot with a bunch of songs i can’t get out of my head. Forward flips and amazing playing from Rory the guitarist, weird speeches and insane beat changes from Rob the drummer, synth magic and sheer metal hate with a Mike Skinner twist from Rau and the eye candy on bass, with some pretty nifty finger work, Chris…such a gent as well, i think i was falling over on purpose last night at the club just cause he kept helping me up!! Oh god last night in the club was messy, the floor had to be covered in oil, i couldn’t stand up for love nor money! Don’t remember much from the evening apart from meeting up with Shikari in some death themed pub off a huge cobbled square, being the only one not to steal my skull beer mug, being followed by owner of bar looking for his skull mugs, smoking way too many cig’s inside a club (just cause you could, egh) and hiding from Tim (Tour Manager) when it was time to go home! Off to Bochum today, where ever the hell that is and i’ve shotgunned the cot…loved ya Belguim, hello Germany!

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