Poker Face a lesbian fantasy?

So those that know me will be used to my criticism about various female pop acts like i’ve signed a thousand of them and made a million. For those that don’t be grateful i sound like a hater….im not im actually just a wasted A&R…

One person who’ve i’ve had alot to say stuff about recently is the over-produced, over (though very under) dressed Lady Gaga. My main gripe has been her hammed up press opps, the ridiculously clever but crappy lyrics such as ‘guess i should shut my playboy mouth‘ and ‘Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun‘, plus her appeal and subsequent promotion of the ‘i look cool but have no substance‘ generation. Yeah it works on the dance floor, yeah she’s selling millions but we all know that just cause everyone is buying it it doesn’t make it good..i mean look at cigarettes. My general opinion was trash, cheesy i wanna be famous tex book pop trash. I kept away from the hype, interviews, videos i wasnt interested, especially when the most i’d seen of her before this evening was pictures of her lying down on stage, legs akimbo in a pair of metal knickers….

Its quite sad how i completely judged this weird little lady especially after her revealing interview on Johnathan Ross this evening, in particular the whole Poker Face lyric. Its all about a lesbian fantasy, ok a little obvious (straight chicks dyking up is apparently uber hot!) but a clever little play on words for sure! As a songwriter i have to tip my hat to the sentiment of this tune which at presence is doing my f**king head in whilst soaring up the charts and being bought my mothers for their daughters at supermarkets nationwide. Apparently while sleeping with her ex boyfriend unbeknown to him she used to think about women to get off, hence the chorus ‘can’t read my poker face’ lmao, add to that the pink pound shes a musical marketing genius.

So i get it now, i think and its not just a random crappy tune…add this revelation to the interview and i think i understand where shes coming from now, the annoying ‘look at me’ attitude isnt so annoying anymore and in all seriousness i believe this chick is art. Maybe really cheesy monetarilly motivated art but art all the same. I can’t even believe im writing this i swear its annoying me but i have to hold my hands up and say, i am having a massive change of heart about Lady Gaga…even though i wont be rushing out to buy her albums she’s definately off the slaggin- i mean constructive criticism list for now. Im also feeling very judgemental and have bitten my tongue the whole evening since this realisation…owww!

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