Tour Diary Day 1 – Antwerp (The first gig)

Petrol, Antwerp

The gig tonight was hell of good, bit of a weird one the crowd were all 16 or under…which definately put a kibosh on the crowd socializing, to be honest the dudes weren’t really that hot (they were 16 come on!) but if i was a dude and 16 the girl in the New Era would have got it….
Harry & Me!

My lil bro Harry Vah was in attendance, was great to finally meet him after knowing him in the cyber world for around 5 years, he introduced me to a dope act from Holland Pete Philly & Perquiste and also took some dope shots of the evening, thanks bro! Check out the photo album for more :)

Petrol, Antwerp

Drunk and full of the local green i happily fell asleep whilst watching music videos on Belguim MTV….have you seen Chris Cornell and Timbaland with Method Man in the video?? I thought i was dreaming…as in having a nightmare, roll on Amsterdam tomorrow ;)

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