Can science make me a male mix please?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Mr Jackman. His metal wolf-like abilities struck a deep chord in me during the X-Men and this week that chord is resonating in full chorus, creating all sorts of weird and wonderful fantasies… DAM THIS GUY IS IMMENSE, he’s like the Beyonce of dudes a true all rounder…even better than Brad Pitt, who honestly i havent been feeling that much off since he got with Angie. I watched Australia on the way down to Brighton and felt embarrassed at the dirty thoughts of Hugh running through my mind whilst on public transport watching this clip. Drover the outback cattle driver is soooooo my epitome of husband material, its basic i know but i would be more than happy to wait 6 months in the middle of now where if he was what i was waiting for. His character reminded me of an ID magazine from 2003 with Viggo Mortensen at home on his ranch somewhere in the USA, god (said through gritted teeth) i loved that expose! They showed him painting, riding and breaking in his horses, sitting on his wooden veranda stroking his dog….i used to fantasize about him horse whispering in his worn in jeans and crooked hat, whilst i watched from the dusty porch in a fierce over-sized fragile linen shirt and beat up cowboy boots! Oh heaven….

Now aside from watching these two fine actors and even finer specimens of men go at it in a soft porn the next best thing for me in my fantasy world would be for them to have a baby! Not physically possible i know but come on, DNA strands from both of them in one egg must be, that would be some uber hot ass dude…obviously even if this happened now i would be far to old to make the most of this manly mash up however i think science should do it for the generations of the future. If this happens dont forget where the idea came from and if i am dead by then please can you make sure i get some sort of plaque to commerate my jennarous contirbution to the females of society!!

Now for my next idea, obviously a film starring these two would be off the scales hormone wise. Would Return to Brokeback Mountain be to obvious?!

3 Responses to “Can science make me a male mix please?”

  1. Mel says:

    You have been single for faaarrrrr tooooo looonnngggg. LMAO

  2. Jenna G says:

    @Mel: LMAO funny thing is i broke my single seal a few times couple weeks back…

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