Yelle – A cause des garcons

I was thinking about getting rid of my Reebok Pumps that i hardly wear until i seen this video. The French are so f**king cool even when their whack…How do they do that? Another note on this video, which if you haven’t guessed by now is totally the song for the day, does anyone else think the guy that starts off in the middle looks like Spor?? Just an observation not a diss….. Hasta!

Jenna Ral G

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  1. Jenna G says:

    I cant believe no one commented on this….i love it sooooooo much. The Reeboks the hairstyles and of course the dancing, its like techno voguing….im doing tonight in Belgrade for sheezy!! lmao

  2. [...] dancing style known as Electro Vertigo or Tecktonik….as seen in a previous post Yelle’s A Cause Des Garcons…theres so many videos including one with the dude from Amelie and Angel A, Jamel [...]

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