Song F.T. Day – Mistabishi

Ok mentioned Mistabishi and their fabulous tune ‘Printer Jam‘ in Panda Tape blog, here is a dope remix of a just as dope song Science of Fear by Temper Trap download it for free at their website!

Enjoy ;) Jenna Ration G

2 Responses to “Song F.T. Day – Mistabishi”

  1. Jden says:

    ideas for you next SotD, i know how you will be missing London, so check out this remix i found of lilly allen LDN its a Wookie Remix and to say i can’t stand Lilly n everything she is, this remix gets u grooving.

    can’t find it anywhere on youtube, but it is on search wookie

  2. Jenna G says:

    @Jden: i totally have that mix, was a promo for first album to sell her too streets….also had Shy Fx mix and someone else whose name slips my mind right now…nice suggestion but me thinks it will save for later :)

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