Muh Muh Monday Mixtape – Robot Koch

Did i completely not do a Monday Mixtape last week? C’est terribles well hopefully todays find will make up for it. Robot Koch first of all has the best name.he hails from Berlin, you might reconise him from the group Jahcoozi. His mixtape Robots dont sleep is a heavy mix up of dope beats, mc’s that flow and chicks that wail cool melodies…with influences from john coltrane to slayer Mr Koch delivers a straight banger which im throwing out to your MP3 player. Alot of tracks from the UK crew up in here as well, keep an eye out for SP:MC, Joker, Skream, The Bug and Benga repping! Let the weekend carry on whilst playing it loud n proud :)

1. Roland Kirk – I say a little prayer
2. Robot Koch – love and the machine
3. The Bug –Skeng
4. Sneaky feat. Barbara Panther – feel like a king (robot koch remix)
5. Evil Nine feat. El P – all the cash (gltichtmob rmx)
6. Jahcoozi vs Destinys Child – indelible/say my name
7. Kromestar –kalawanji
8. Benga – crunked up
9. Conquest vs Perseph One – hardfood/oh slippin
10. Distance – V
11. Skream vs Jahcoozi -chest boxin /he who is well dressed
12. Skream – 2d
13. DFA 1979 – hold on
14. Rustie & Joker – play doe
15. SP MC – trust nobody
16. Unknown-burning
17. Ratatat vs Richie spice– burning
18. Desmond Dekker – shanty town
19. Rustie- zig zag
20. Nosaj Thing – aquarium
21. Frikstailers -tartamoodo disco
22. Lou Ragland –what happened to the feeling
23. Robot Koch vs Flako – the last astronaut
24. Dabrye+MF Doom – Air (Robot Koch vs Flako rmx)
25. Robot Koch vs.Cerebral Vortex – madness
26. Radiohead – reckoner (Robot Koch rmx)
27. Phantogram – when i`m small
28. Gas Lamp Killer – Kobwebs feat. Gonjasufi/ birthday music 07
29. Samiyam – quesadilla
30. FlyamSam_The Offbeat
31. Santogold – icarus

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