Last night @ Ape, Manchester Apollo

APe APollo

My first time at Ape ( i know don’t ask) and ill tell you what it wasnt to bad at all. The Apollo Manchester, is a wicked old skool venue and running about behind stage with Fierce looking for alcohol and reminiscing in between sets in various dressing rooms or where ever was way to much fun.

APe APollo

Twittered alot of these pictures but for those that missed them heres my favourites from the evenings shenanigans.

Backstage view!

Tonn, Skeez & DJ Die

APe APollo

Rage & Takura MC for Chase n Status

My own private Idaho....

Big up to Mad Rush, Tonn Piper, Sam & Sabre, Sebastian (where them pics at Mr?), Die, Sol, Rage and of course the big bad Fierce (who is looking dapper with his new haircut, Tim Roth he thinks, MIchael Wincott i reckon!) Also have to shout out Birdie Nam Nam who i stalked unknowingly in the train station early that day and had stalked me on purpose on train ride from London even earlier than that….them French hey?! Check more snaps out from Friday by clicking the pictures above, or if we’re friends on Facebook check out all the tagging that went on this weekend!!

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