I want this more than sex right now!

Seeing as i wont be having a man in my bed next weekend, as planned, i want to go to bed in a Hamburger. Lying in between fake folds of cheese and resting my head on pickle and tomato pillows has to be way more fun than twisting up white sheets and being sweated on (sigh). Have found instructions on how to make one, as it cannot be bought and Kayla Kromer, the maker wants us all to build our own dreams….


* 1 circular bed and “box” frame (mine is way bigger than it looks and took some stealthy moves to get it in my house)
* 2 tones of light brown fabric
* dark brown king fitted sheet
* memory foam
* king sized yellow and green sheets
* 30 pillows
* a couple of zippers
* pantyhose (for the sesame seeds)

Then sew!!

Calling all friends (and my sister who has a sewing machine) who like a bit of DIY fancy making a Hamburger bed?  Watch this space for any bed building action, which will happen alot sooner than bed breaking (again sigh)…

2 Responses to “I want this more than sex right now!”

  1. Jden says:

    if you need a joinery to make you bed (burger) base give me a shout. J

  2. Jenna G says:

    @Jden: Aaaaaaa Jden im so down, thank for most highly for the offer. As i already knew you rock ridicuously! So how much wood do you reckon we’d need and whats the time frame on building a base like that…oh and will i have to pay you? *bats eyelashes*

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