HussainDeyn x Nylon

Just started reading Nylon last year, picked up copies in Oz and the US, instantly hooked by its broad coverage of fashion, art and music in its electic and kooky style. So dope then to see some Manny representaton in there from HussainDeyn. Emily (Deyn) and i met on the set of The Shapeshifters video shoot for New Day, a far cry from the epi centre of cool in which she now resides. Alongside her partner in art crime they have tittilated my senses since moving back to Manchester (where they met at Uni) with such projects as Combination of Space and Zone me, Zone you amongst others. Moving swiftly on to the t-shirt game im all about getting my hands on one of these little beauties from their latest project Long May She Reign which debuted at the Anna Sui NYC fashion week show. Have to agree with the girls, Queen Liz is totally the original G, shame about the rest of the clan!

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