Thinking out loud

Hmmm what a year its been, from last Feb to right now. I woke up this morning, ok this afternoon with about a million things on my mind all to do with tomorrow’s fatefull event…my birthday. So many things have changed in a year my location, my status, my socialising, my body, my mind and all of them i feel have taught alot about myself which i didnt know, even after all these years. There’s no party or dinner organised and no presents probably, if i wasnt performing in Middlesborough (which is gonna be sooo much fun!) i wouldn’t be doing much at all. At these points in the calender, my birthday, christmas, whatever i always seem to think about whats missin from my life instead of celebrating whats great about it and there are so many great things right now. Does it matter that im not gonna be surprised tomorrow by a bouquet of flowers or stripper gram (thinking out loud not what i really want) etc. should it bother me that i wont be getting anything from my parents, after all im a grown-up right and these things are merely superficial wants of a childish mind? Should i feel so old, when last night they weren’t gonna let me in the club without ID, should i be embarassed that i joined a dating website or offended at the matches they have sent me so far(ugh)? So many questions, to which i already know the answers, im just thinking out loud on my last day of this year. Ha ha, the signs just came thick and fast to make me smile again ‘Turning Japanese‘ on the radio, an email from Stealth bout Sara Cox playing On the Run on radio 1 and a letter through the door confirming my Iphone Insurance is coming on through!! Woop woop :)

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  1. Melissa says:

    Ya know, I’m over here with 30 on the horizon, and my dad still gets me a mushy card and either a dvd or a cd every year. Kind of comforting.

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