South America – Part 2

Jenna Ration G – South America Part 2 from Jenna G on Vimeo.

Ok so there’s a bit of a backlog with my video making from last years 30 days around the world gigging expedition. It all started in South America at the beginning of December, next was Croatia, Austria then Portugal finally landing in Australia for the Christmas and the New Year! I’ve filled my cameras hard drive to the limits and so have been forced (kind of) to start using some of this footage, finally finished the second half of video diary from the gigs in Argentina & Venezuela with Danny Wheeler. Was fun watching it all again, there’s definately a different vibe to this half of the trip, didn’t have any footage from our gig in Caracas unfortunately …i think someone recorded it though, would love to see that someday. What i did have alot of was music from the dnb representatives out there which are heavily featured in this diary entry and sounds DOPE!! Hope you enjoy as much as we did, oh and kids, smoking is bad don’t do it!

More videos on the way from Jenna Ration G

2 Responses to “South America – Part 2”

  1. Great!!!!
    Have no words to express my good vibe after watching the video, it was so good!
    I´m glad you had a great time here! see my good friends Omar, Spiralz, Zardonic, Manuel Rangel, Carl Matthes and Turtled were very nice with you :) I´m so sad I was in Argentina the day of the Caracas´s gig but I hope you will come back soon and I´m sure I won´t miss it!
    Thanks for letting me know about your video and for the nice words about my country and my people, you are much more than a great artist you are a fantastic girl!!!
    Love & Respect from the Venezuelan Caribbean!
    Gloria aka Glow :)

  2. Jenna G says:

    @Gloria aka Glow: Im so glad you liked it! Was so much fun in your country shame we couldnt have met up! But ill be back for sure. Thanks for taking the time out. Peace x

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