Male Groupies

Hmmmm do they exist? I mean groupies in the most affectionate way but still, are there men that just want to sleep with women cause they’ve seen them on stage/tv/magazines whatever?

In my current celibate state and after all my time in and around the music industry, i cant help but be jealous at how the opposite sex thrives of these types of advances. Your always hearing about male DJs, Rock Stars etc bedding anonymous girls from clubs or bars but not so much the famous women bedding random dudes… Is that cause it doesn’t happen or blokes don’t kiss and tell (as often). To be honest I’ve not been in that type of situation enough times to know how to handle it so 9 times out of 10 (tee hee) I’ve not even give them room to get onto a topic close enough to try anything of the kind. However after the past few months gigging,  numerous glamorous hotel rooms with big double beds, plus a tan to die for and still no rumpy pumpy: Im beginning to think im being old fashioned, prudish even, should i give in to groupie love….?

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  1. Mel says:

    It seems that there enough groupies in every other orientation/situation, so why not guys for girls?

    Maybe it has to do with not wanting to admit that they’d chase after a stronger/more successful woman?

  2. Jenna G says:

    @Mel: I agree their should be but who actually does it and which female artists take them up on it?

    ‘The stronger successful woman’ hmmmm i dont buy that. I don’t believe men want weak failures to make them feel better about themselves.

  3. asante says:

    Oh wow! I’m working on an article which is similar (regarding celibacy) but this is food for thought.

    My initial reflections is ‘do guys not groupie’? I’m trying to think very hard back to days of touring with artists and other DJs, and as you’ve agreed I don’t recall it ever happening.

    There seems to be some unwritten rule that ‘Goddesses (women in the spotlight)’ don’t mingle with mere mortals. In fact it’s more like she would choose to ‘mingle’ with other ‘Gods’. Is it possible that as a woman once you are in the position, after the blood, sweat and tears it took to get there, to choose from a group of men closer to your experience decide not to downgrade – maybe that has filtered down through the years so male groupies don’t even try?

    See, I think that also unspoken is that there is a hope attached to groupie’ing – a possibility that ‘groupie love’ could turn into a happily ever after – on a very very subconscious level. The chances, then, of male groupies ever getting the big prize is… well, have you ever heard of it happening? Unless you include stories of female performers who have had relationships with their dancers which ends in marriage, but who knows how that starts? Hmmm :-) . And we know what we thinking of those guys, right? Not exactly an aspiration.

    Ultimately (and here’s where the celibacy bit comes in) is there a sense that there’s some kind of moral yard stick (doing something for a positive effect) which means if there isn’t some overall benefit then the risks of freeing up yourself isn’t worth the effort? If I could put myself in the male groupies rather tight and uncomfortable shoes; there might have been a time when I could have ‘thrown it’ to Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Lil Kim, Mel B even Foxy Brown (say nothing). However having my exploits exposed and being labelled as a serial shag doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I want people knowing about me – and talk goes a lot further on the lips of women than of men LOL.

    Okay one last consideration, female groupies tend to be of a certain age (usually younger than the artist by a significant amount) and out for the thrill. Do young male fans seek their thrills in the same way or are they at home in a ball of nerves and insecurity wondering if they’ll ever be experienced enough to satisfy a woman (let alone one as charismatic as you). LOL

    Over to you.

  4. Solomon says:

    A females success is one thing but a famous or infamous female is another thing. A lot of women have programmed “attention barometers” for measuring their attractiveness outfits, hairstyles, make-up, perfume, are all geared towards an audience. They fall victim to filing down the things that make them unique in order to gain that attention.

    So when they find a female whose gets attention for something she has achieved through creating something that exists in the public domain and remains uncompromised . Damn it, that is like meeting someone ten foot tall. Its like they exist in another realm, the guy walk past a billboard there they are! the guy is in a club an their song comes on, there they are.

    Quite Frankly, you are a complete different breed of female to the average everyday girl you meet in a bar.

    I personally think everyone is a groupie for something. people who fall for one ingredient in the recipe and ignore all the others for that one. Fame groupies seem the worst but in reality its just the same as a guy that likes a girl for her bra size and nothing else.

    I think your falling victim to being the most popular girl in the school of drum and bass and radio. My advice, date people from different schools.


  5. Jack says:

    let me know when you decide to give in and I’ll be there.

    im iiiiinnnnn looovvvveeeeeeeee

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