The best body in D’n'B?

Does anyone remember that Narni Shakers calender a few years back? I believe it was the first of its pirelli-esque kind in our genre. I was wondering if you did the same thing with DnB artists, which in their majority are men who would make the cut? Lol how sexist but ever so intriguing don’t you think….

Having just spent the sunny winter down under with a fair few friends (DJs) by the pool and on the beach and having attended sun & bass twice i’ve seen my fair share¬† of drum n bass flesh as im sure alot of you out there have…but theres a whole lot more that has more than likely missed my attention. So go on, i dare ya, tell me who would you pay good money for and put up on your wall, shot seductively in random locations, smothered in baby oil gel (as im told it looks like sweat on camera) doing something drum and bassy for at least one month of your year?

FB crew, dont forget if your leave your suggestions @¬† Jenna Ration G you can do it incognito…well at least to the world except me…tee hee!

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