On The Run Video online!

Yay its finally here your first sneaky peek at The Qemist live show which kicks off in Feb. Live vibe video for the single out in March by the uber talented Nathan Seabrook. Been waiting with baited breath for this one, the director’s past work impressed the hell out of me and i was well nervous working with him… However i have to be honest im not as crazy about it as i thought i would be…the track is awesome, the day was so much fun, make-up and hair totally fierce, Nathan and Crew (tasty) are genius’s and the band rockin out look very cool….however some of the editing isn’t as on point as i thought it would be, do i have a dodgy Youtube connection?

5 Responses to “On The Run Video online!”

  1. Jenna G says:

    Note to self buy better bandwidth connection…..
    this video rocks! :P

  2. Mistry says:

    OMG thats so f**king serious – you look HOT baby!!

    im loving the chune-age too
    great job, i’m coming to cargo on the 12th

  3. Karen says:

    Wow! Jenna you look great and the vid rocks seriously.

    Glad everything’s going well for ya.

  4. sandra says:

    Its a incredible video
    youre amazing jenna g

    Your fan de la Martinique

  5. Melissa says:

    That’s kickass. Love the lasers and your hair looks fab!!

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