Melbourne was wizard in OZ…

So Australia i finally got there courtesy of Naras Entertainment & Singapore airlines and you know what i bloody love it. I dunno if i could live there for 12 months in a row but hanging out in the winter sun was definately a good look. Its crazy though as the whole vibe really suprised me, im not sure exactly what i expected of the final continent on my list to visit but i didnt expect it to be so erm…cool, look so good, cosmopolitian and very comfortable. I didn’t get too bush with my locations, even though Perth wasnt to far off… so luckily i didn’t have an over sized or deadly insect experience (that definately could have shadowed the glorious view i have of the land down under). I didnt spend much time outside the festival in Adelaide to say anything about it apart from the ravers are full of good vibes and very friendly.  I loved the laid back vibe of Perth, it was a crazy mix of new slick city and leafy burbs with amazing water fronts and again friendly locals :) I havent sunbathed somewhere so hot in ages but there wasn’t much going on when night fell, unless you had a big bag of green and some fun friends. Melbourne was by fav my favourite place out of the 3 cities i got visited and reminded me of a small New York, great bars/cafes, boutiques n sub culture shopping galore, creative people, street art and lots of parks, the beach at St Kilda was a 15 min tram ride away and it may not have been amazing looking but it was hot and served as a perfect setting for my christmas day. I got a great world wind tour of the citys’s hot spots from a local lad, N’fa‘s ‘typical day in Melbourne’ took me down graff ridden side streets to hidden bars, hanging out on top of the world at the Rooftop Cinema sampling the home brews, eating the tastiest carrot cake and buying my first pair of Supras!! The day after the gig i wandered around the centre on my own taking pictures of stuff, ended up at the National Gallery Victoria where i fell in love with Rosaline Gascoignes‘ creations aswell as a host of other native artists. It got pretty creative on my final evening in Melbourne, whisked off to the burbs by The Dreamkatchers for studio session then back to the city with a painter in tow to a hip-hop night with an old rhyming buddy in attendance…early on my last morning i returned to my hotel room to watch the sun come up over the city and made a promise to myself to return real soon.

Jenna Ration G

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  1. MikeE says:

    Any plans to do a NZ Tour?

  2. Jenna G says:

    @MikeE: There sure is, working with Saran Ents for dates at the end of this year in NZ…chat more on email :)

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