Its all about the flow…

Foreign hip-hop, i love it and finally i found someone else who does too. Late friday night, Saturday morning round at Mr Reasons house on the old youtube i showed him Notkea Rotte and The Russians he fired back with a nice Italian selection which i was far too drunk to remember the name of (please post links if you know of any). Now i dont know if he understands what their saying cause to be honest i certainly don’t but we both agreed its not about understanding every lyric its more about the flow. Thats what so dope about hip-hop in a native tongue, if its good you can tell cause the mc will be making your head nod with crazy unknown syllables and words with no vowels! Some people might disagree especially those that understand the lyrics but im like as long as their not chatting out n out slackness or racial hatred and the flow is sitting nicely on the beat its all good in my hood :)

Jenna Ration G

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