In the studio down under – The Dreamkatchers

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Managed to do some work over here, in between sunbathing, drinking and eyeing up the locals. Got in the studio with Aussie hip-hop duo The Dreamkatchers who have some dope music out with more on the way. I sung a little hook and ting n ting for a track of theirs in the making called ‘Fast and Slow’, was a really fun afternoon hanging in the burbs of Melbourne, drinking stubbys, eating Golden Gaytimes, lemon pasta and making the most of my husky voice….if you haven’t heard of The Dreamkatchers before, well you soon will check out the self made uber cool video above and fall in love with the smooth like chocolate vocal skills of these two ex models…..yeah i know it was a hard session ;)

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  1. Em says:

    Sorry I’m going to be 15 again for a second FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

  2. Jden says:

    yes Jenna’s bak with the music, n gurl i feel the flow,
    whats the name of the female model shes looking…

    anyway while uv been away i have had to find my own music to listen to and i was diggin around my collection and came across ‘Jill Scott words + sounds Vol 1, well worth listening to, i reminds me of theold sko album ting u used to do on 1xtra, Happy 2009 Jx

  3. Jenna G says:

    @Em: Your as young as the person your feeling hun…ew ya perv!! xoxo

  4. Jenna G says:

    @Jden: Jill Scott now theres a bad oy album..been single for far too long to listen to that right now but i did call it up on the old itunes to let my eyes wander over the tracklisting…so many bangers…slowly surely, one is the magic # and of course love rain…i pulled out my dnb remix on vinyl is spinning right now…
    Thank Q!

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