Breaking Bad is sick!!

Now when it comes to US dramas series over the past few years I’ve been addicted to them all, and after Heroes took over my life I decided I wasn’t gonna take anything else on but then the writers strike hit and i fell out of love with the TV. Lost doesn’t even register anymore, I ain’t arsed where the f**k Locke went or what the fat bloke isn’t eating, you took way too long with the story telling mate. The Wire is so good but im already on the 3rd series which means the end is in sight ☹ Heroes im being made to wait for the new chapter….and to be honest the last season was a little flakey, im worried about Claires wig its not as good as it has been, also writers have got lazy, you cant just kill off major characters in every episode for the shock value…im over it!  So on strong recommendation from Zed I went back in time and checked out a series which aired on UK tv last Sep-Nov. Breaking Bad is from the writer of Hancock (Vince Gilligan) and is about a hard up chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and decides cooks crystal meth to support his pregnant wife and handicapped son. How cool is that synopsis? Its bizarre and yet so real, with a dope plot that will have you hooked from the first scene…don’t believe me just watch this. Then prowl the net for the full series in preparation for the second coming!

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