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Mike Patton, Buckethead and Moonraker!

OK so im currently obsessing over Mike Patton after getting to sing his song from Join The Q in The Qemists live show, Lost Weekend is so ill and me and Bruno have nuff fun performing it. Do keep an eye out for some rehearsal footage on its way v soon… Any hoo, found this whilst casually browsing Youtube with Mike longside another live rock legend of our time Buckethead! SICK!!! It reminds me of some modern day jazz band improv, the mash up of sounds is so dense but each skit they pull is head nodding and melodic for sure, 2 mins in is my fav Mike kills it, swoon :P

On The Run Video online!

Yay its finally here your first sneaky peek at The Qemist live show which kicks off in Feb. Live vibe video for the single out in March by the uber talented Nathan Seabrook. Been waiting with baited breath for this one, the director’s past work impressed the hell out of me and i was well nervous working with him… (more…)

Sigur Ros Free CD!

Im not the maddest fan but i saw this email advert and just fell in love with the picture, the angle is so off key it makes me smile :) Definately gonna pick up a copy of the Independant tomorrow and check out the  best of their 3 albums on a free CD, then stick the cover somewhere ill see it everyday :)

Breaking Bad is sick!!

Now when it comes to US dramas series over the past few years I’ve been addicted to them all, and after Heroes took over my life I decided I wasn’t gonna take anything else on but then the writers strike hit and i fell out of love with the TV. Lost doesn’t even register anymore, I ain’t arsed where the f**k Locke went or what the fat bloke isn’t eating, you took way too long with the story telling mate. (more…)

Self Esteem Issues?

Talk to Kat!!

Jenna Ration G

Rowdy Superstar

Not new to those in the know, ‘Tick Tock’ from Londons’ flaboyant Rowdy Superstar has been about since early last year. Been going through lots of UK videos getting past and present to get me all inspired as im in video making mode this week, had to share this bit of genius!

I got wasted for charity!

Last night in Brighton after rehearsals I went out for a quiet drink with the lads, which soon turned into a debaucherous mash-up involving alcohol in plastic bottles, girlfriends telling me very interesting facts about their partners, invites to hang out with porn-stars, skein appreciation, Nurishment and youtube amongst other things. It ended with me throwing up in The Qemists sink 15 minutes before rehearsal…luckily it was fluid more than chunder, so no major clean-up needed and also I wasn’t the only casualty so no major embarrassment there (phew!). Even better than all that though was the fact that the pub (The Robin Hood) is a charity pub….which means all its profits after running costs go to charity!! I’ve never heard of anywhere like this before but it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside (even when hurling into sinks) that my alcohol intake is helping someone, somewhere to maybe do something they couldn’t before!!

The miserable little flake wants half!

Ok so im reading the NOTW and trying not to scream out loud at the audacity of the scrotum herpe that is also known as Blake Fielder-Civil….because SURPRISE he’s divorcing Amy on the grounds of adultery and wants half of her 10 million fortune! LMFAO are you sh*tting me? (more…)

My Niece and the Super M’s

Stayed with fam last night in London, it was the first time since last, erm, November that I’ve seen my niece and sister!! Dam I am a bad Auntie…but not that bad as it did mean I had a lot of presents for them from all over the globe. One of those fabulous ‘bought on the fly, in an airport lounge’ gifts was a travel music quiz, where you have to read out the clues from a card and guess the pop singer/band on the back. (more…)

Goodbye Swerve @ The End :(

In London one of my favourite nights for some dam good drum n bass, friendly faces and some funny stories has to be Swerve. I haven’t been in yonks and tonight im missing the final knees up for this legend of a club night at The End. Soooo wanted to be there by the far end of the bar with the usual suspects, getting my change on little trays and supping champagne, doing shots with friends reminiscing about all the fun we had in the backroom under red lights, whilst bouncing to some serious soulful drum and bass sounds. (more…)

On The Run Promo’s

Calling all DJ’s and radio heads keep an eye out for this little beauty poppin up in your mailboxes very soon. Promo for The Qemists next single On The Run featuring me (Jenna G! avec une cigarette in me mouth)…saucy but not the best habit kids, so don’t do it! Track listing includes the VIP remix for the dancefloor ravers as well as a few other specials not on the album which is out next week!!! :P

The best body in D’n'B?

Does anyone remember that Narni Shakers calender a few years back? I believe it was the first of its pirelli-esque kind in our genre. I was wondering if you did the same thing with DnB artists, which in their majority are men who would make the cut? Lol how sexist but ever so intriguing don’t you think…. (more…)

My first rehearsal with The Qemists….

Down in Brighton last weekend for rehearsals with The Qemists and what a fun two days it was indeed. It was great to finally meet all the lads and rock the f**k out, which by the second day we totally did for a nice and surprisingly tight 40 minutes aka the set minus 2 tunes!! Lost Weekend which features Mike Patton is totally my favourite track of the album at the mo and sounds so sick live… (more…)

Back to Black…well Dark Brown really!

Check it out in full video shoot mode my gloriously big buffont in beautiful deep dark chocolate brown. Im back to black baby and loving it!!

Phat photo credit Will Mitchell at Qemists shoot, want more check out Jenna Ration G

Esperanza Spalding – Wow!!

Just found out about an amazing singer & bassist with the coolest name as well as a fro to die for! Esperanza Spalding hails from Portland Oregon USA and has been touted as the hope for the future of jazz music which is a very big ask for such a dainty looking 23 year old. Listening to her music or watchin her perform soon clears up any doubt though, this fly chica is uber talented and so mesmerizing to watch. I’ve never seen a singing ‘stand up bass’ player especially one so Black Panther styled as the fabulous Esperanza, whose passion and dedication to the genre is shown by such an awesome talent. Her self titled album came out last May, my favourites so far ‘Fall In‘, ‘She Got to You‘ and ‘I Adore‘ which is bumping in the background right now. If you like ya jazz your gonna love you some Esperanza Spalding *clicks fingers* and if your in Europe shes touring there right now you lucky things….just not in the UK :(

A classic scene in Lego

Browsing blogs pre-black presidency and found this by Gizmodo. A classic and a fun way to welcome in an ocean of change, better than that bloody prayer!! I hear every VIP is present in the crowd even Oprah Winfrey, genius. Thanks Marcus, check out his post for more pictures!!

Bye-Bye Blonde!

In preparation for The Qemists video which we’re shooting on Monday i have decided to get rid of my blonde hair. Originally created by the lovely Tara at Stuart Phillips (Covent Garden) after a myspace connection its been my favourite hair style to date! However after 2 years and serious deterioration in the hair quality department thanks to my lack of visits to Tara the professional, it has got to go… Its not been an easy decision, i kinda like the mad contrast and it works with my Australian winter tan but not so much in the UK light! I like to bang on about being natural in the hair department so now i think its time to practice a little more of what i preach. As always im being cheap so doing this at home with a little help from Google, lmao, seriously what would i do without the Internet? Bye-bye blonde and bonjour beautiful brown my old friend :)

Will the home attempt turn my hair green?

All will be revealed at Jenna Ration G

No to noise pollution nonsense!

So whilst children in care are being left for dead and pedophiles roam the local primary schools incognito, Manchester City Council are clamping down where it really matters….Noise Pollution! Yes that’s right polluting the air with loud and offensive noises is a very grave deal round here, in fact Hit n Run lost there spot at the Attic (is that such a bad thing?) due to some serious bass seepage…lord knows what happened to those pigeons trapped over the doorway…bless! Seriously though, what a fooking bunch of time wasters and why oh why do they always want to stop people having fun? Fancy sticking it to the MAN(chester city council) then sign this petition to stop the war on our big bass bins!!

Daily doses of me at Jenna Ration G


Follow my blog with bloglovin´

Found a new site today which hopefully will minimise my blog trawling time on the internet, a cute alternative to the dull looking RSS feeds in my Mail. Quite a handy site…it lists all new entries from your favourite blogs (inputted on your bloglovin page!) so you can scan and take in whats new when its new all in one place. We’ll see how much i like it after the weekend….in the meantime give my blog some good loving if your already in the know ;)

Ninja Tuna – Catch of the Day!

Tickets for The Qemists album launch at Cargo on the 12th February are now on sale at the fabulous Ninja Tunes online shop… Get em while there hot!

Check my calender @  Jenna Ration G for more live dates with The Qemists.

AAAAaaaaah my cars been stolen…

Or unlawfully towed….or actually taken off road for unpaid taxes…SHIT i hate being a grown up. Can’t be the only one who thinks their getting away with stuff like unpaid road tax until it bites you in the butt like it did ce soir… (more…)

The Rollercoaster

Enjoy the ride…

OMG i have been waiting to see this video for ages, from such a fun afternoon at the Beerfest after the SHake Your Body gig in Stuttgart. We drank huge jug sized glasses of beer and then went on a 5 looper!! (more…)

Its all about the flow…

Foreign hip-hop, i love it and finally i found someone else who does too. Late friday night, Saturday morning round at Mr Reasons house on the old youtube i showed him Notkea Rotte and The Russians he fired back with a nice Italian selection which i was far too drunk to remember the name of (please post links if you know of any). Now i dont know if he understands what their saying cause to be honest i certainly don’t but we both agreed its not about understanding every lyric its more about the flow. (more…)

Cereal Killer – Fruit Loops

Cereal in the UK is so boring i stopped eating it for breakfast and munchies a while back. Occasionally ill take in a box of Special K or Cookie Crunch if i can find em but its not something i crave in the morning (unlike my vanilla n hazelnut blend, gimmie coffee!) even the fun size boxes stolen from buffet breakfasts lost there thrill… (more…)