When the planets aligned

Im so tired, drunk and elated right now plus I think im a little bit in love….. Arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina this morning at 1.30am. When we drove into the city it was dead not at all what we’d been expecting, we were tired and the hotel was so lovely and inviting but we still asked to be taken out to eat, I don’t know why room service would have been easier. The first 24hr eatery we got to was closed for the first time in like ever, much to the promoter Orange’s surprise and so we journeyed to a next spot just down the road. As soon as we get in there his friend Fernando who he hadn’t seen in a while shouts hello and we end up eating with him and his friend Santiago, after a stranger paid our bill . Cut to 7am and we’re rolling round the streets of Buenos Aires listening to rock influenced Tango, stalking Madonna and getting drinks bought for us left right and centre. We talked politics, history, culture, music, football, we shouted, screamed and laughed like old friends reunited. It was such a magical evening with an amazing selection of people thrown together by fate, every where we went good things happened and in the most amazing of settings….it wasn’t until our final journey back  to the hotel that we found out about the planet alignment, Mars, Jupiter and Venus had been in a perfect triangle all evening, no wonder it was such an amazing time…..

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