Portugal here i come!

Up bright and early for a long ass drive to Stansted…all good though cause im off to Portugal for the Cultronica festival and i got Friday night to chill! Performing at the festival¬† on Sat with a complete stranger but very nice dude DJ Oder, should be large! If your in the area of Braganca head on down the line up is listed on the very nice flyer above but head to their myspace for more info! M1 im coming for ya….

Over n out Jenna G :)

3 Responses to “Portugal here i come!”

  1. big Kiss from a god nuno and miguel the boys of VHS mov.

    nuno bettencourt

  2. yes i do
    ” se o sol brilha e o azul fica, nada pode ser e voltar a ser”

    nuno bettencourt.

  3. Jenna G says:

    @nuno bettencourt ( the artist ): Nuno!! lol was great to meet you all in Portugal, gonna put together a video from footage i took at festival so please check back soon for that!
    Was great getting drunk sorry didnt get chance to say good bye :)

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