Make that 6….

Erm what did i say about not going out yesterday….yeah like that was gonna happen with Sheffield calling our names…or the gentle persuasion of the Manchester MC’s calling us to get on the Snakes Pass and represent! So at midnight the Generals G (me) & Dine (Geraldine) headed on out to The Tuesday Club to scream, shout and get down to our friends and party people Tonn Piper, DRS and Virus Syndicate moving the masses that evening in side tthe uni venue…also bumped into GQ, Andy C and Toddla T who scared the shit out of me with his little camera….i have never met him before so please if you see that footage of me side eyeing him its not haterade its ‘who the f**k is this dude’ confusion!! So im at home tonight and i swear im not leaving my house, so do not bother me at all please, apart from you…yeah you know who you are, i wouldn’t mind sharing a word or two with you… i thank ya very much ;)

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