Hanging with boys

Most of my life has been spent hanging out with boys, this is probably due to the fact I’ve been involved in underground music one way or another since I was 14, hanging out in studios and pirate radio stations girls were always the minority…  Its been all good being accepted as one of the lads every where I go, being able to drink or smoke them under the table thanks to years of their intense training, its fun to hear their animalistic cravings for anything that walks past with tits. However what’s not fun is the de-womanising such associations create. If all you hear is ‘shes buff’, ‘definate wifey material’,  ‘that yats crisp’ or ‘I’d bang that’ everytime a pretty chick is in the vicinity you kind of begin to wonder what the opposite sex are saying about you, even if you don’t want to be referred to as such. Im more concerned with comfort than looking feminine and I can’t be arsed to put on make-up in the day time so I know I don’t look like the females being referred to above…. Is it wrong to think no-one is saying that about me…which of course is a good thing but if its true then I wonder what do boys say about me?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Women tend to think that we’re only attractive when we’re up to our standards – hair, makeup, etc. What we never realize is that most people see us as what we are, not what took us two hours to become.

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