5 nights in a row…

Ok so tis the season to be jolly aka ‘party time’ and even though i’ve managed to stay far far away from any thing christmas’y up to now i havent been able to have a quiet night in yet….. It all kicked off Thursday last week with an amazing gig with Riot Jazz @ Moho in Manchester.

Showcased a few of my new songs there alongside some For Lost Friends favourites, backed by the truely awesome Riot Jazz brass band! It was a massive night for me really honoured to be playing with the lads as they are amazing and make any song sound phat! Unfortunately that night my video camera decided to fook up and so the performance itself will live on only as legend, told by the lucky 700+ that were in attendance to see me, Jazzsteppa, Cut Master Shinpad & Broke n English and the very lovely To Sophia ;) Next up i was in Zagreb on Friday for the Bass Invaders drum n bass party at Aquarius. Was my first time in Croatia and so my excitement helped me through the long day of travelling with a hangover from Manchester to London to somewhere near Italy & Austria (i got schooled as soon as landed thanks Dora & Boris). I passed out in my hotel room as soon as we touched down, I never do that and i hated seeming so rude to the promoters who wanted to take me out for dinner however it was all good and the 40 winks definately made the party go with a bang!! Kabuki and me Rocked it Warrior Soul Style, the Invaders are a dope crew with a heavy night that was much fun to finally play at…alot of of good looking fellas and ladies….love all round :) Back in Manc on Saturday evening after a 5 hour train from London (thanks Virgin!) i headed out with the Riot Jazz fellas on a merry escapade round the city centre, first up the ever so tame Nexus Cafe (who have lovely table cloths…..), then on to my worst bar in Manchester at the Music Box (for a bit of man heavy crowd action) and finally my favourite the Ram n Shackle which is where i ended up on Sunday funnily enough. Im addicted to their open mic sessions, the quality is surprisingly good and the crowd is definately worth a watch, plus i am gonna dj there soon and they have dolls strategically hanging out of the ceiling which is the dopeness! Monday, out again and truely wasted with General Dine, we Murked it, i met some ex rugby player called John. Then Hit n Run where we scared off Skittles friend….leaving the club vowing to stay in on Tuesday, we bumped into Piper telling about Sheffield tomorrow night….please say it aint so!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Monday Murkage looks hoooootttt.

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