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What happened in Adelaide…

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…stays in Adelaide quiet frankly and theres not much else to be said…it was semi rock n roll we walked into our hotel to be greeted by Chuck D and the rest of Public Enemys’ entourage, straight onto the festival after a quick shower n shine. On the bill Noisia, Chase n Status, Benga, Skream, Public Enemy, Utah Saints, Dbridge, DJ Lord, Subfocus and some other DJs in genres i know nothing about. At the bar pre-mixed spirits in various awful flavours, tinnys and straight vodka in the VIP. It was a crazy alcohol fuelled evening with an up for it crowd that was dope to play for and party amongst. Ended up in the dubstep lads hotel room after it was all done  keeping the peace during an almighty Apple powered sound clash with Dbridge (iphone) and Skream (macbook pro), whilst we all feasted on vodka and 70 Aussie dollars worth of Macdonalds…grimey!

For more snaps from my trip down under click the ‘view more photos’ link @ Jenna Ration G

Melbourne Art @ NGV

Melbourne 08

Melbourne 2008

I got stood up by the ping pong ravers this afternoon who were gonna take me shopping, so instead i found myself strolling along in Melbourne CBD amidst the sale shoppers and tourists….stumbled upon an amazing building which in turn was the National Gallery. (more…)

My European Christmas day….

So right over the other side of the earth and who do i end up spending my Christmas day with…non other than a lovely bunch of europeans and some random asians (thats not racist thats what they call people from Japan in OZ)…. In true style the Brit lad got drunk & rowdy and i had ot make an exit  but i had fun all in all getting to know how to say ‘ Cheers’ ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘f**k off’ in 4 different languages… it always comes in handy :)

Jenna Ration G on Tour

The Age Of Understatement – OMG

Bought a couple of CDs in the airport on route to OZ, Robin Thicke, Sam Sparro and The Shadow Puppets which i have just opened and put on the player dans mon hotel chambre…nearly shit a brick though when i seen my friends name on the inside credits…Produced by James Ford, who i used to jam with in King Rib!! Omg your smacking it like in every alternative genre, reppin the Manc student connection it was always obvious he was gonna be massive :)

Films on the Plane

So you would hope that any airline flying passengers for over 10 hours would have decent inflight entertainment and Singapore airlines do not disappoint… I watched so many film i wouldn’t have even give the time of day on land, all of which were pretty amazing. I implore you  (if your a film lover) to go and see these flicks if you already haven’t… First up Hellboy 2…i know i haven’t even seen number one but i love the director Guillermo del Toro (i can’t wait for The Hobbit movie), his style and detail are jaw dropping (Pans Labyrinth) as well as his constant connection to earth and nature regardless of the topic of the film! The angel of death in Hellboy is gorgeous and i’ve never wanted a fan shaped forehead made of bone so much in all my life!! LOL a little more action next from Jolie, Mcavoy (Shameless) and Freeman…Wanted was the all out action, assasin, ‘break Mcavoy in the US’ movie from the beginning of 2008, loose story line but amazing action scenes and including a lovely role for BBC’s Hustles’ Marc Warren (go on england!!) Death Defying Acts – CZJ & Guy Pierce take on Houdini’s physic challenge…some amazing performances in this especially from Saoirse Ronan (the annoying little chick from that flick with Mcavoy and Knightly)…again never would have got this on dvd but it is definately worth a watch… Der Freund – German and complex like the best of them are, this film is really amazing….slow calculated and heart wrenching , you would be lying if you said you couldn’t identify with at least one of roles! I dipped in and out of a host of others mostly martial arts,  but im saving them for the journey home!! Cant wait to see Chocolate (female On Bak)..going home will much fun, that chica can kick mad ass!

Merry Chrimbo :)

Sudafed Warning….

Ok so if you have been following my Twitters since Tues you will know i am in Oz right now… However if this is the first you’ve heard of it, let me just break down exactly what happened to cause this post over the past 24 hours!! First of this journey is the maddest i have ever done, i left London 10.00pm on Tuesday evening and arrived 7.10am Melbourne Australia on Christmas day, i cant decide if i have lost or gained a day, mentally not actually (for all you anally retentive peeps!!)….. Fortunately there was a plane change in Singapore, 2 hours of feet massages and cheap shopping,got a $700 dollar bag for £200…again haven’t deicided whether that’s good or bad :) Unfortunately for me i got VERY sick on the landing into Changi airport. Sweating, quick breaths, light headed and paralyzed down my left side for about 5 mins, which of course scared the shit out of me and meant i wasn’t getting on no plane fool til i got the all clear from a doctor…

I’ve fainted a few times in my life, and i can honestly say this is exactly what would of happened if it wasn’t for the amazing staff on board the Singapore Airlines flight. Cut to medical centre and im being told that all my vitals are Kosher but we’re still no closer to findng out about what ever might have caused such discomfort…mentally and physically.. After the standard new patient questions the airport doctor asked what medication i had been taking…when i replied Sudafed, they closed their book and decided to edumicate me about the effects this particular drug may have ( which by the way are not mentioned on the packet….) i usually take it if i have a cold and have to fly because it helps to ease the sinus pain on take off and landing…however for some reason this time it induced an anxiety attack…causing the symptoms mentioned above…..

So let this be a warning to all you over the counter pills poppers, Sudafed on long haul flights = Mad Anxiety attacks…..which, depending on your location, could mean shitty feeling or cheap valium or death :) ….check out my Tweets on the left hand Lifestream for more info :)

Cabidela Ninjas @ Cultronica

Back from an amazing weekend in Portugal, Braganca to be exact. A small town in the north of the country with a castle, state of the art theatre and the best bar that stays open late and serves shots of anything for one Euro! In between the cheap drinking there was a host of artists brought in from all over POrtugal, to do their thing for the local crowd. Some were so amazing i had to give them some props for making my weekend very interesting!! (more…)

Thank you Zagreb!

One week on from a great gig in Zagreb, Croatia and the interview myself and Kabuki did for Transmeet TV is up online for your viewing pleasure….watchin this you would think i’ve never used a mic before…im shouting my head off!! Big thank you to the Transmeet crew and again to the Bass Invaders who have a mad loyal raving crew…check out their videos of the event is she singing along to my freestyle?? Dope!

International love returned…

Jenna G “In Love” live @ +160 Edición Espacial – 2 DEC 2008 from plus160 on Vimeo

Two weeks ago i was basking in the summer sun of South America longside Danny Wheeler. We made great friends and played some dope music which was documented by everyone involved in a variety of ways. Got part 2 of my own video diary still to come, following our adventures in Caracas….Back in Argentina though DJ Orange and his +160 crew were putting together this lil taster of a fantastic night, i crack myself up at the beginning…listen to me freestyle about needing a drink!! Big up to all in attendance, Wheeler, Omik and the accelerated sounds of +160 :P

Portugal here i come!

Up bright and early for a long ass drive to Stansted…all good though cause im off to Portugal for the Cultronica festival and i got Friday night to chill! Performing at the festival  on Sat with a complete stranger but very nice dude DJ Oder, should be large! If your in the area of Braganca head on down the line up is listed on the very nice flyer above but head to their myspace for more info! M1 im coming for ya….

Over n out Jenna G :)

Are you feeling the christmas vibrations?

With Playstation controls....

With Playstation controls....

How is this like a mouth?

How is this like a mouth?

Travel companion!

Travel companion!

Boycotting Christmas this year coupled with being happily single i will not be privy to the partner present buying trends of 2008…last year lovers in London bought iPods, Clothes, books, Vinyl and pens for each other. They were nice but nothing compared to 2009′s favourite ‘stocking fillers’ that im sadly missing out on this year! It seems vibrators, that is luxury, custom made and rechargable vibrators are flying off the shelf quicker than the pounds going down! Compatible with as many house hold items as you wish and available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and of course price range the list is endless! Now being a woman has always had the pitfall of having too many choices, but for instances like shoes, bags, jewellery and now vibrators it aint such a bad thing. Recommendations from proud present buyers and friends on ichat this week are the Lelo and Sasi (which is said to simulate oral stimulation, erm if this is true expect these to be sold out!!), or the travel friendly Ohmibod. So fellas if your stuck on what to buy your beloved this chrimbo, give her something to get stuck on instead…tee hee, oh but make sure its luxury, that means Anne Summers does not count :P

Readin the newspaper leads to drugs

Salvia, the hallucinogenic herb and relative of the sage family, has been recognized for its LSD-like properties for many years. It is only recently, though, that it has gained mass recognition in the press and, perhaps critical to its own demise, lawmakers and politicians across the US. Despite this apparently widespread knowledge of Salvia, it is misunderstood by many of those who would like to see it banned. –

I only just found out about this Salvia thing atfer a flick through a broad sheet the other day, seems like its the new stocking filler for those who like to expand their minds over christmas time. I don’t know about that but i do know about Youtube‘ing it for endless hours of fun watching people’s wrists go limp, laugh uncontrollably as their minds go west, much like the one above….”why you cool man!” lmao!!

Make that 6….

Erm what did i say about not going out yesterday….yeah like that was gonna happen with Sheffield calling our names…or the gentle persuasion of the Manchester MC’s calling us to get on the Snakes Pass and represent! (more…)

5 nights in a row…

Ok so tis the season to be jolly aka ‘party time’ and even though i’ve managed to stay far far away from any thing christmas’y up to now i havent been able to have a quiet night in yet….. It all kicked off Thursday last week with an amazing gig with Riot Jazz @ Moho in Manchester.


I want these please Mr Nike

Ok so purple is apparently associated with sexual frustration and i have to agree that is about right with these little beauties! (more…)

Jenna Ration G TV

Jenna Ration G – Writing Sessions Nov 08 from Jenna G on Vimeo.

Working backwards here after finally catching up with my video making. Its been a mad few months and i haven’t been posting as much footage as i have wanted to. Got all inspired though after the South America effort so here is another episode of Jenna Ration G featuring brand new music made with love at Catch 22 studios in Reading, hope you enjoy as much as we do ;)

Jenna Ration G TV


Jenna Ration G – South America Part One from Jenna G on Vimeo.

Is ‘Yat’ a bad word


Im not from London, yes I lived there for 4 miserable years but I tried my hardest to stay away from their stupid slang words such as ‘Nang’, ‘Food’ and You-getz-me-blud’ etc. It wasn’t an easy task and I know all of those words/sayings have crept into my vocabulary at least 1 time since being down south. The word that I’ve never used however is Yat/ Yatty (please excuse if im spelling it wrong, pah!)  mostly because I thought it meant young girl/easy gurl or something kind of derogatory like that. The contexts I’ve heard it used in weren’t in the nicest of tones and so I’ve always thought it was a bad word, not like T**t or C**t but still an unnecessary way to refer to a woman. This week however I was told different by someone who uses ‘Yat’ more than the word ‘please’, it is simply a way to refer to a female…..hmmmmmm not convinced by his innocent use of the word (which by the way was only applied to females he wanted to get with) I wanted to know what you thought…is YAT a bad word?

Hanging with boys

Most of my life has been spent hanging out with boys, this is probably due to the fact I’ve been involved in underground music one way or another since I was 14, hanging out in studios and pirate radio stations girls were always the minority… (more…)

When the planets aligned

Im so tired, drunk and elated right now plus I think im a little bit in love….. (more…)

Twitter Blogging

Ok so bloggin has been non exsistent since i got to South America….the technically savy readers of this here blog have been signing up to Twitter via link on left to keep up with whats going with Danny and me outhere. If you havent already i suggest you do the same cause you missed us hanging with Rock God`s, stalking Madonna, house tastic dance offs, me by the pool and much much more! For photos if you know me check the book of fass, else keep and eye on the my Flickr site, link jus above Twitter on the right, ciao for now xox