My girls are gone…

This weekend was a really good one, infact the past 3 weeks with Sammy B in the country has been an absolute blast and as always an inspiration! From Mac‘s to mac’ing it, open mics to election night, 5 star to WTF star?! Rounding it all up this Sunday at Charlottes wedding was just perfect,  sharing such an important occasion with two of my closest friends was amazing. Im still beaming remembering how gorgeously happy Charlotte looked and how much love there is between her and her husband. Similarly being privy to Sam and her fellas interactions thru various forms of digital communication this weekend alone, thanks to the amount of hotel rooms we’ve shared, has got me all warm and fuzzy inside, except when its at 6am in the morning Wes! (Drunk texing!!! lol) It would be great if i lived near to either one of my gurls, if we were neighbours or in the same neighbourhood, all the time we share never seems enough, theres always more stories, jokes, feelings to share, schemes, plots and plans to concoct. Sat at the wedding holding back the tears (of joy!) i began thinking how much im looking forward to growing old with these fabulous women as part of my life, sharing in their highs and lows whilst being supported by them through mine. Feel ridiculously lucky to know i’ve got not one but two such awesome people to share stuff with :)

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