Mr Bang ON got him banged up!!

So¬†allegedly¬†Ghostface is currently playing a packed out private show in Heathrow’s Police Station this evening, or his management have gone all out on the excuse. Manchesters appearance is now cancelled due to his DJ being stopped with illegal contraband on their way into the UK from Paris… To make matters worse when being questioned it came to light Mr Killah himself has a warrant for outstanding child payments in the USA…. WTF it doesn’t make sense that if he owes money they are stopping him making any…also i didn’t realise outstanding CSA payments can stop you travelling internationally?? Thank god i don’t owe money to them, yet another bonus for keeping my legs closed and being a woman! Anyways show must go on this evening and as gutted as i am to not be seeing one of my fav Wu Bangers i am still totally ready to rip up the stage in a dnb stylee longside 12 brass players blowing their horns!! Should be a pretty dope show as well, with all the extra time who knows what can happen!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    In the US, states have the right to revoke your drivers’ license, put a lien on your accounts, fine and jail you for failure to pay court-ordered child support. Law were passed in the 90s after the “divorce epidemic” when it became clear that there was no actual way to enforce the payment or penalize the deadbeat parents.

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  3. Wendy Xavier says:

    I’m fascinated by the diverse range of views and opinions.

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