Russian Hip Hop – Город Дорог (клип)


Couple weeks back i was in Moscow, thanks to WODNB. After the gig, wide awake in the hotel room im waiting for room service, cheeseburger & chips, standardly and theres only two choices of entertainment seeing as a hadn’t brought an adaptor for my Mac! BBC News or MTV Russia :(   Music won as murder, death, credit crunch is so boring compared to preened pop effergies. It was the usual cheese fest, until this little beauty sent me on a google trail, thats took me 2 weeks to complete. Mostly because of the spelling being in Russian and i could figure out how to type it in me mac ;p

Город Дорог (клип) ?

Foreign hip-hop (ie non english vocab) i love it! The right delivery in any language to me sounds slick, sexy, strong and gets the message across, a true test of artistic phrasing, if i can get it but i dont speak your language…your a poet! On the real though this tune was a nice surprise, bit of slap n tickle verbally me thinks, the hooks sung a little dodgy at times but i love the 90′s vibe in the sample and their whole delivery. First rapper is mad cute, hands off western women i seen him first, lol,  second looks like Nic (esp at 1.45, dont even lie) and the third proves New Era caps and a hoody can make you look the same as someone you’ve never seen 4,000 miles away! When i finally found this video i found a load more links to more underground tracks, Баста is a defnate favourite on youtube. Russian hip-hop just got themselves a new fan, you gon join the crew?

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  1. Laura says:

    Yes he is mad cute..thats the first thing i noticed lol!! It’s funny because I was just looking at all the top artists all around, and now I want to find their page too!

  2. Laura says:

    The song is called City Road in english. I found someone who uploaded their song on myspace..

  3. Jenna G says:

    @Laura: Love the link, even though its not their page (where are they, more importantly him?!?)…really like some of the other tunes on there…thanks for hook up :)
    STay fly

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