Roll on election night!

NBC Rip!

Im not that up my politics…all i know is that they have power and we mean nothing to them. The USA election however is as good as celebrity gossip so i’ve got a few things to say about that….not as eloquently as my good friend Samantha who will be in the UK (home) for election night. In tru ‘shes turned American, lets have a party for anything’ style shes made banners (ok their just pictures but still) and organised a party/gathering at an exclusive Manchester hotel, where the focus will be the incoming election results live on CNN and the liquor keeping our debating well watered! Im soooo looking foward to this, more times cause i havent seen Sam in ages but also cause i believe talking about politics will make me seem grown up, lol and feel mad irresonsible lately! Not even gonna get into it on here, saving the passionate debate for the confines of the hotel room on the 4th of November. If you are an American and havent yet registered DO IT, Benson…and if you need convincing to get involved check out Sams political boffing!

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  1. Bring on the boffyness!

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