Random product placement…Alesha Nooooooooooo!

WTF is this?? No seriously, this was posted on youtube in January, why have i never heard anyone mention it? Better yet why didn’t i see this, surely Ford spent alot of cash on this, im hoping it took a lot cash and not just the bait car to get Alesha to agree to this ‘Bill n Ted’s Bogus Journey‘ inspired piece of music video bewilderment. The tune isn’t bad but the mix is terrible, the lyrics are lovely but what the f**k has it got to do with a personalized license plate, she is talking about the car right? Why else would it be parked up behind her in every other shot! Question…how cool does a small orchestra look in a garage huddled round a Ford? Answers in the comments section please.

Now dont get me wrong, im a lover not a fighter and i also have the maximum respect for Ms Dixon (formerly of Mis-teeq). She is the nicest person, so down to earth and street chic, ridiculously talented (believe this chick has got bars for days) and media trained to a T, with not one bad bone in her body…..however one thing that baffles me is that after selling however many units with Mis-teeq, landing the lead in a NERDS video simply for being gorgeous that was shown around the world, winning Celebrity Strictly Come Dancing one of the most watched Saturday night tv shows in the country, spending most of last year in the papers thanks to her idiot ex husband (who doesn’t even quota a name check or link) and having the same manager as Elton John, she still hasnt had a number one.!!?? Bad marketing management or unmarketable music?

Hopefully its on the way with the release of a brand new album The Alesha Show and its first single ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ (get it!). However i got to be honest this song just screams marketing as much as the Ford effort, it has a catchy little hook and backing track referencing that big swing band sound but the rest of the song drags. They must have spent a bucket load on the ’dont forget i won a tv show dancing my sweet ass off and smacked it with the Mamba’ styled video that was directed by Baz Luhrmanns‘ art director, but what was the need? Especially after hearing a few other tracks from The Alesha Show i believe this money should have been spent on more time in the studio or on her website….

The audience it’s aimed at has changed again from her last album, which was definitely a switch in musical direction from the Mis-teeq days but an artist changing their direction doesn’t have to be a problem. However there was a problem and that is, she was ultimately marketed as black artist back in Mis-teeq but didn’t connect with a big chunk of that fan base when her first solo singles didnt reference any of that former glory. The US references visually were so blatent the UK public in general chose the real deals instead of their pretty english version.

This time round there’s a very now UK pop sound but even further away from the days of Mis-teeq, expect Duffy-ness on ‘Chasing Ghosts’ (which i actually think is dope and should be a great Xmas single and plan B), a euro-tastic guitar holiday haunter from ‘Dont ever let me go’ and of course a “you let the best thing you’ll ever had go” heart wrencher in  ’Do you know the way it feels’. Tru tru i’ve only heard 4 tracks out of what, 12 thanks to her myspace but they’d be foolish keeping anything better than what’s out there now under raps….or would they? I guess only time and the UK credit crunched public can tell and i wish only the highest success and infinite blessings even especially if it means im not right on this one. Leaving you with the latest single, cause the hook is hell of catchy and with the video nowhere to be found in the Itunes store (even though its listed as being number 12 in their video charts today on her blog) i think it needs the accurate promotion, enjoy!

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