How i became Dame Black Fist…


This afternoon whilst being given a grand tour of Solomon’s Flashdance fantasy i found this book resting in the forgotten clutter. 4 hours later and its still the main topic of conversation out lasting Trinity’s new t-shirt, Siobhan’s defiance to return to work and the new book store dedicated solely to films. ‘How to be a Villain’ does exactly what is says on the front, contains many a funny paragraph thanks to the wit of Neil Zawacki and is the perfect companion in your quest for world domination. So lets start at beginning, once you’ve read the exact definition of evil (cause thats what villains are) you can then use the name Jennarator to Jennarate a name that will send fear through the hearts of any random stranger. Pick a title from the first column in the picture above then add another from 2 or 3 or both if your feeling frisky, whats ya mother f***ing name? And is it any match for Dame Black Fist, lets wait and see….

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