Can u guess the rainbow?


My sister and niece are at mine for the weekend, its a nice feeling having the house full of family! One of the best things about hanging out with my niece is getting the heads up on an age bracket I left a long time ago (she’s 12 in November!). Example, in the back of the car today she switched me on to the some next brand of Skittles, that are a sweety taste challenge, I love puzzles!! So here’s the deal all the colours have swapped flavours, so simple but effective…obviously when challenged to guess what flavour each colour has swapped, I got it right first time (original skittles eater!!!). Never had as much fun with a bag of sweets in me life…oh except this one time….ehem, meanwhile go and skittle yourself at the brand new website that mentions nothing of this taste sensation but has a lot of fun things to get involved with,check out what i did in the video above…

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